Climate Emergency Town Hall Meeting, Kent Co/Sikniktuk, NB

Wednesday, May 29, 2019 - 20:00 to 22:00

please share this notice by voice, email or social media with your family, friends and neighbours -- together we are strong! wela'liek, merci, thanks

WE NEED TO START TALKING L-O-U-D-L-Y ABOUT THE CLIMATE CRISIS. Politicians use it as an excuse to do NOTHING because they say no one is talking about this when they knock on the door. For the sake of all future generations, come out and start talking about this nightmare our planet is facing.

  • Fact #1: nothing will get better unless we try.
  • Fact #2: trying to improve things starts with an action plan built together with friends and neighbours.
  • Fact #3: we won the battle everyone said was unwinnable in 2013 -- come on Kent County, Sikniktuk -- we can do it again!
  • Fact #4: scary things are less scary when we face them together.
  • Fact #5: see Fact #1, and repeat the list...

Wednesday,  May 29th 2019,  7 PM
Greenwood Lodge in Fords Mills -- 3579 Route 510 (E4T 1X4)

Hosted by the Kent County NB Chapter, Council of Canadians
For more information, call Ann at 506-785-2998 or Denise at 506-523-9467. 

Potluck at 6 pm if you want to join us. We will provide various casseroles.


Greenwood Lodge in Fords Mills -- 3579 Route 510 (E4T 1X4) 

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