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Digital Rally: National Standards for Long-Term Care Now!

Make a call for long-term care

Go to https://canadians.org/nationalstandards to call on your MP to implement meaningful national standards, now! Then, use the comment section on Facebook to tell us who your MP is and what their response was!
Tell your story and ask others to join the call using #10plus3 and #LTCStandardsNow !

After promising to establish national standards for long-term care in response to the tragic outcomes of COVID-19, the federal government has now washed its hands of that responsibility. It is instead passing the buck to a toothless accreditation industry to create updated standards. 

This band-aid solution is voluntary, non-enforceable, and unregulated. It has also not prevented COVID deaths.

This is a far cry from what experts, advocates, and many residents, staff, and family members of those in care homes have long been asking for.

For families and long-term care residents and workers, we want to put an end to companies putting profits before patients.

The Council of Canadians and the Canadian Health Coalition are collaborating with Canadians United for Long-Term Care Standards and health coalitions across Canada for an online day of action about the need to reimagine long-term care in Canada.

On April 27 at 1pm ET (2pm AT/11am MT/10am PT), join co-hosts Rita Morbia (Canadian Health Coalition and InterPares) and Christina Warner (Council of Canadians) for this one-hour event calling for meaningful national standards for long term care!

Speakers include:

  • Pam Beattie (formerly of CUPE)
  • Pat Armstrong (York University)
  • Cathy Parkes (Cdns4LTCStandards)
  • Christopher Holcroft (Montreal)
  • Pauline Worsfold, Chairperson, Canadian Health Coalition, and
  • John Cartwright, Chair, Council of Canadians

We need to keep up pressure on the federal government to institute meaningful changes: bring LTC under strong national standards and eliminate for-profit care.

Join us in calling on the government to put peoples’ care before profits!

Click here for our analysis on why LTC accreditation is no substitute for federal legislation.