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Private Health Care is a Poison Pill Rally Halifax July 2024

Halifax Pharmacare Demonstration: Privatization is a Poison Pill

📢 Join us on July 16 in Halifax at Peace and Friendship Park for the “Private health care is a poison pill” rally! Let’s push for public, universal pharmacare outside the Premiers meeting.


After years of fighting for public, universal pharmacare, the program is nearly ready to implement! Once the Pharmacare Act passes in the fall, provincial governments will need to make agreements with the feds to bring free diabetes and contraceptive medicines and devices to people across Canada. 

On July 16th, premiers from all of Canada’s provinces and territories will gather in Halifax, which gives us the perfect opportunity to demand that they implement pharmacare as soon as possible and expand the program to include more types of medicines as well. 

Join The Council of Canadians, along with allies from the Nova Scotia Health Coalition, labour unions like CUPE, NSGEU, NUPGE, UNIFOR, CLC, the health sector and many others, fighting to implement public, universal, pharmacare, and to protect our public health care system overall.

Together we must ensure that the premiers hear from patients, health care workers, and community organizations who need public, universal pharmacare the most.

What: “Private health care is a poison pill” rally
Where: Peace and Friendship Park, across from the Westin Hotel (1181 Hollis Street)
When: 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. ADT, Tuesday, July 16th, 2024

Join us to learn more about this issue, have conversations with people attending the event, and connect with other local people who care about keeping our health care public and achieving universal, public pharmacare. 

Sign up to VOlunteer

If you’re interested in helping turn people out to the rally, please get in touch at atlantic@canadians.org. We’re planning to pass out flyers during JazzFest, make placards and props, and phone Council members to invite them to the rally and would love your help!

Call your Premier

Call your Premier, provincial health minister and MLA/MPP to say you want national pharmacare now.