Collage with parliament building and flooding water, with words 'flood parliament' behind

Just transition day of action and petition drop-in meeting

The Council of Canadians and are teaming up to build waves of pressure on the government to deliver on its promise of a Just Transition Act. 

We're organizing and mobilizing for just transition legislation that:

  • delivers on Canada’s fair-share emissions reductions

  • protects and strengthens worker rights, Indigenous rights, human rights, and ensures migrant justice

  • creates new economic institutions to implement the transition

  • expands the social safety net and reduces growing inequality

  • creates good green jobs and drives inclusive workforce development

In the next few months, we're organizing on a two-pronged strategy to build support for a just transition in Canada. Along with supporters and members across the country we're bringing batches of parliamentary petitions to MPs to table in the House of Commons again and again. Then, on March 12th, we'll have a national Day of Action for a Just Transition.

We're hosting a few drop in meetings to support you to participate in these two tactics. If you have questions or want to troubleshoot an issue you're having, come on out to a drop-in!

Register to join us on February 1st at 4pm Pacific/5pm Mountain/ 6pm Central/ 7pm Eastern/ 8pm Atlantic/ 8:30 Newfoundland.

Learn more about our parliamentary petition tactic here.

Learn more about the Day of Action for a Just Transition here.