Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency with Seth Klein

A Good War

What if our governments treated the climate crisis like a real crisis? What if we mobilized public resources to fight the climate crisis with the full recognition that our lives and society depend on it?

These are the ideas that Seth Klein explores in his new book, A Good War, Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency. The book draws out lessons from Canada’s experience in World War II that we can now apply to fight the climate crisis.

We’re hosting a conversation with Seth Klein and local Green New Deal organizers across the country on Tuesday, March 9 at 7 p.m. ET. Together, we will explore how we can apply the lessons learned from Canada’s war-time transformations to the current climate crisis. Register today.

During the war, governments led the public through major changes to the economy and society. Now, we need social movements to organize and drive sufficient political will to invest in transformative change. How can today’s social movements leverage existing public support for climate action into real material and political action?

A key challenge during the war was building past polarization across different regions in Canada. Now, as we fight the climate crisis, we are dealing with the similar polarization. What can movements do to combat polarizing politics, and build a vision and strategy that is inclusive?

These are some of the topics that will be discussed with Seth Klein, with additional comments from local Green New Deal organizers across the country. This webinar will be interesting to anyone working on transformative action for climate justice and will be particularly useful to people working in locally rooted climate justice campaigns.