National Day of Action for a New Health Accord

Tuesday, March 31, 2015 - 08:00

March 31st, 2015 marks the one year anniversary of the expiry of the Health Accord.

Why: In the past year Canadians have lost $987 million in federal funding for public health care.  (See table for provincial breakdown.) Without a new Health Accord, over 10 years the cuts to public health care will be $36 billion.

Who: CUPE, the Council of Canadians, the Canadian Health Coalition and provincial health coalitions and other allies

What: Canada-wide actions - press conferences, protests outside MP offices, legislatures and other public buildings, and op-eds/letters to the editor

Where: MP offices, Public Buildings, Hospitals and other locations.  Currently over 25 locations nationally and growing.

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National Day of Action For a New Health Accord, March 31, 2015


Canada is facing an important next step in our medicare history. In 2014, the current health care accord – the deal that sets funding and health care service delivery agreements between the federal and provincial and territorial governments – expired. The federal government continues to ignore calls by the provinces and territories to work on a deal, and shockingly announced $36 billion worth of health care cuts which will come into effect after the next federal election in 2015.

On March 31st we need you and your chapter to join in and let the government know that you #stand4medicare.

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                Federal Funding Cuts by Province:  March 31st, 2014-March 31st, 2015 (millions)

Newfoundland & Labrador

$        -22.4

Prince Edward Island

$         -3.5

Nova Scotia

$        -22.0

New Brunswick

$        -17.0


$       -188.8


$       -318.6


$       - 30.1


$        -33.2


$        -92.1

British Columbia

$      -255.0


$         -2.0

Northwest Territories

$         -1.0


$         -0.8


Total for Canada

$       -987.0

Source:  Report of the Council of the Federation Working Group on Fiscal Arrangements, July 2012

Not only is the federal government backing away from its leadership role in health care, they are structurally engineering the demise of our public health care system.

On March 31st, 2015, the Council of Canadians, CUPE, the Canadian Health Coalition, Provincial Health Coalitions and other allied groups are sounding the alarm across Canada.  Without a Health Accord access to health care will depend on where you live and you ability to pay. This is not the health care (and Canada) we want or need. It is time to tell the federal government that they must sit down with the provinces and renegotiation the health accord and that in 2015 we are voting health.