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Pharmacare National Phone Zap

National Phone Zap #1: Tell the NDP, don’t back down on pharmacare!

Thank you to everyone who joined the National Phone Zap on February 1st!

If you were unable to join us, you can still participate by making a call:

The NDP and the Liberals have agreed to table pharmacare legislation by March 1st – just 5 short weeks away! Will that legislation be the fully public, universal program we’ve been demanding, or will it be an inadequate stop-gap program that excludes the vast majority of Canadians and does nothing to bring down sky-high drug prices?

Big Pharma, the insurance industry, and their allies in the media have whipped up a massive campaign to browbeat the NDP into giving up its “red line” on keeping pharmacare universal. Absurd fiscal scaremongering, biased polling, and slanted commentary have dominated recent media coverage. The NDP needs to hear from us, so they know people want to see a universal program, and aren’t swayed by this corporate misinformation.

Take a few minutes to phone up New Democrat MPs to urge them to stick to their principled stance. If these MPs know that people are behind them, they’re more likely to follow through.