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Ottawa: Rally on February 14 to stop the nuclear waste dump

Thank you to everyone who joined us on February 14, 2024!

In January, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission approved the plan to put a nuclear waste dump at Chalk River, a kilometre away from the Ottawa River despite fierce opposition from community, Algonquin First Nations, and environmental groups. 

The Near Surface Disposal Facility (NSDF) project jeopardizes the primary source of drinking water for millions and exposes the air, land, water, health, and wellbeing of all lives alongside the Ottawa River to hazardous and radioactive contaminants. 

Algonquin First Nations have strongly opposed the NSDF, citing both the adverse impacts on the land, water, wildlife, and their cultural rights, and the inadequate consultation leading up to the approval. Without free, prior, and informed consent, the NSDF is violating the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and it must be stopped. Kebaowek First Nations is now launching a judicial review of the project. 

On February 14, Kebaowek First Nations, fellow Indigenous chiefs, federal political parties, and allies are gathering to urge the federal government to stop the NSDF project and emphasize the failure of the Commission to uphold its duty to consult, thereby neglecting the constitutionally protected and inherent rights of Indigenous Peoples. I hope you will join me in standing with them. 

Learn more about the NSDF’s approval here, and support Kebaowek’s legal action here