Workshop – Why a just transition must be public

In the last five weeks, Council of Canadians supporters across the country have been talking to neighbours, friends, and their MPs to build support for just transition legislation. Together we’ve made a big splash – 15 MPs across the country have now committed to bringing our petition for just transition legislation to Parliament! (Read our full campaign update at the end of this email.)

The public sector is a critical pillar in driving a just transition away from fossil fuels. Only the public sector can prioritize the needs of workers and all impacted communities over and above private profit. Just transition legislation must create new public institutions to transform our economy and expand public ownership of the services we need to decarbonize. With these investments, we can make the deep transformation that the climate emergency calls for.

Will you join us for a workshop to learn more about the role of the public sector in the just transition?

WHAT: Workshop – Why a just transition must be public
WHEN: Tuesday, November 30th, 4p.m. Pacific / 7p.m. Eastern
WHO: You will hear from Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood, researcher with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and author of Roadmap to a Canadian Just Transition Act, and Angella MacEwen, Economist with CUPE and the Green Economy Network.
WHERE: On Zoom


You’ll hear from Hadrian and Angella about their experience and perspectives on why a just transition must be public in order to be truly just. Then, we’ll have an opportunity to practice talking about these issues in smaller groups, so that you will be ready to talk to neighbours, friends, and MPs.

This workshop is for anyone – whether you’ve been actively participating in this just transition campaign or just hearing about it for the first time, we hope to see you there!

Here’s the full update on our Flood Parliament campaign.

Flood Parliament