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Ford Fightback

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People across Ontario are stunned by how aggressive and undemocratic Doug Ford and his government have been so far. And they are just getting started.

If we don’t do something about it, Premier Ford’s agenda will continue to put the well-being of millions of Ontarians and the environment at risk.

We can’t let him get away with it. Make your pledge now to join the growing number of people who are working to stop Doug Ford’s regressive agenda.

On June 29, 2018, Doug Ford was sworn in as Premier of Ontario. 

We knew that Ford’s agenda for Ontario would be a dangerous step backwards, that he would undo many of the progressive policies we’ve fought hard for over many years, but even we are stunned by how aggressive and undemocratic the Progressive Conservatives have been so far—and it looks like they are just getting started. 

Read our reportback on six months of Doug Ford, including a snapshot of the PCO government's broken promises, secret agenda, and scandals. 

Together, we will oppose Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservative Party.

Together, we will fight for an Ontario that works for everyone.


Doug Ford Promise Tracker
A forum to track Ford's broken promises (not run by the Council)

An extensive list of everything Ford's Government has done since coming into power (not run by the Council)

Ford Fightback