Green New Deal


The next global climate strike will take place on Friday, September 24. People will be mobilizing around the world demanding an intersectional Green New Deal. 

This event recognizes that climate justice, vaccine equity, and a just transition need to go hand in hand and will build on the momentum of previous climate strikes. 

Here’s what you can do to support the climate strike:

Help amplify the organizing on social media using the hashtags #ClimateStrike and #UprootTheSystem. (There’s even a social media kit you can use!

Find a #ClimateStrike event near you on September 24 in solidarity with your kids, grandkids, and future generations.

The Council of Canadians

is working with locally rooted campaigns to demand just transition legislation that works for people and communities.

The Council of Canadians directly supports local just transition campaigns and links local activists across the country. Individually, these groups are demanding just transition legislation and local action rooted in local experience.

Nationally, we’re leveraging our collective expertise and energy to win real change at the federal level.

GND Community Work

Together, we are building a network of organized communities demanding a just transition, and demanding federal legislation that brings that transition to life for all of us. We know the alternatives needed for such transformative change exist. Now, we’re implementing them in our communities and ensuring our elected decision-makers come along.

The problem

Scientists have issued a “code red for humanity” to tackle the climate crisis, but governments continue to let corporations call the shots.

How you can help

You can use this Organizing Guide to raise awareness in your community and build support for a Green New Deal.

What does a just transition look like

The climate crisis is a top election issue for Canadians. As voting day nears, here are some questions you can ask candidates.

4 out of 5 people in the provinces of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador want a transition to renewable energy...

Just in: No one wants Line 5. Shut it down!


Share this message and spread the word

Chip-in to support a just recovery from the pandemic and a Green New Deal for Canada!


Just recovery for people not corporations

Tell the federal government that privatization should play no part in pandemic recovery plans!

Protect our public transit systems

Add your voice to dozens of organizations and thousands of people demanding a just recovery for public transit.

Together, we are learning, making tangible change in our communities, and reclaiming political power for people and the planet. We hope you’ll join us.