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Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium

    Blue Communities International
    November 29, 2019

    The Brussels Capital Region, representing 19 municipalities including the City of Brussels, agreed to co-sponsor the European Blue Communities meeting after voting to become a Blue Community in 2019.

    To become a Blue Community, a local government or public institution must officially recognize water and sanitation as a human right, promote public water and wastewater services and phase out the sale of bottled water at municipal events. Brussels’ journey to becoming a Blue Community started in March 2018 by a group of IHECS students as part of a school project. The students, Aurélien De Bolster, Gabriel DeTheux, Martha Vandermeulen, Alexandre Van Hoek, Simon Verhoye and Lea Vromann were working on a school project related to water when they discovered the Blue Communities Project. Since then, the Blue Planet Project has supported their campaign together with our allies at the European Federation of Public Services Unions and Food and Water Europe. You can learn more about the journey of these students and their work to make Brussels a Blue Community here.

    Congratulations Brussels Capital Region and the team at Brussels Blue Community for their tremendous efforts.

    Pictured L-R: Meera Karunananthan (Blue Planet Project), Jonathan Bierman (Vivaqua), Minister-President of the Brussels Capital Region Rudi Vervoort, Maude Barlow and Brussels Blue Community représentatives Gabriel DeTheux, Lea Vromman, Martha Vandermeulan, Auréliens De Bolster, Alexandre Van Hoeke and Simon Verhoye.