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Pharmacare Report

This landmark report, A Prescription for Better Medicine: Why Canadians need a national pharmacare program, highlights that the current Health Accord negotiations offer a pragmatic opportunity to implement universal pharmacare.

The Council of Canadians campaigns to strengthen public health care and stop privatization. We believe that everyone – provincial and territorial governments, First Nations and the federal government – should come together to renegotiate a Health Care Accord that delivers better, more efficient, quality public health care. The accord should include a national pharmacare program and better home care and long-term care for our aging population. All Canadians should have access to the same services and quality of care provided by a national, public system.

Alternative Federal Budget 2017

The Alternative Federal Budget would increase access to primary health care and mental health care while introducing a national pharmacare program. This would allow more than 3.5 million Canadians to fill prescriptions that they would not otherwise be able to afford. Download the health care chapter.