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Canada needs a


for workers and communities

We’re scared, we’re angry, and we know what we need: climate and economic justice for workers and communities.

Thousands of people across the country are being forced to leave their homes because of fires and floods. Millions more can’t breathe properly because of wildfire smoke. Even more of us are struggling to pay for food, housing, and the services that we and our families need. 

We’re scared, we’re angry, and we know who is responsible for these crises: Wealthy corporations that are raking in record-breaking profits while they wreck the climate and jack up the price of food, shelter, and transportation – and governments that give these corporations billions of dollars in handouts and privatize more and more of the services we rely on.   

We’re also hopeful, because we know what we need: climate, social, and economic policies that put power back into the hands of workers and communities – paid for by the same corporations who’ve been profiting off climate breakdown and pushing more of us into poverty. Together, let’s demand leadership that puts people and the planet before corporate profits! 

Join hundreds of thousands of us and: 

Join An Action to
Power Up a just transition

November 4th through December 2023, communities from coast to coast to coast are coming together to demand that the federal government: 

PAY UP: Stop subsidizing the fossil fuel industry. Instead, tax Big Oil and make them pay for the messes they’ve made  

POWER UP: Fund a just transition away from fossil fuels, led by and accountable to Indigenous peoples, workers, and communities across the country.

Learn from Workers at Transition Tuesdays

On Tuesdays through October 2023 to January 2024, hear from workers in climate-impacted sectors about their hopes, fears, and demands as the world transitions away from fossil fuels.

Join the Council of Canadians and allies for climate webinars!

We also encourage you to ask your MP to attend so they can hear from those directly impacted before the upcoming vote on the Sustainable Jobs Act.

The federal government is currently looking at passing a Sustainable Jobs Act – but there are some pretty big loopholes that will benefit corporations more than workers and communities.

Send a letter to the committee members responsible for considering and amending the legislation, and demand that key amendments be incorporated. 

Here’s how we’re working to make a Just Transition a reality:

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The Council of Canadians is a grassroots, nonpartisan, independent organization funded almost entirely by tens of thousands of individual Canadian donors. We do not take any money from governments or corporations. Due to our political work, the Council of Canadians is not a registered charity and are unable to provide charitable tax receipts.

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