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Leave a legacy gift

A legacy gift is one that you plan today to benefit The Council of Canadians tomorrow. Make a lasting statement about what truly matters to you.

Have you considered making activism part of your personal legacy?

A legacy gift is one that you plan today to benefit The Council of Canadians tomorrow. It is a simple yet powerful way to carry forward your support for the Council’s work while making a lasting statement about what truly matters to you. The most common legacy gifts people leave to the Council are a gift in their will, a gift of life insurance, or an endowed gift.

A gift in your will
This type of gift is known as a bequest. It can be a specific sum of money, or a portion of the remainder of your estate, or a specific piece of property, such as a home or securities. A bequest allows you to retain full control and make changes at any time should your circumstances change. Planning your legacy gift can be as simple as adding one line to a new or existing will.

A gift of life insurance
A gift of life insurance allows you to potentially make a substantially larger gift than you may have ever thought possible. If you have an individual or group policy that is no longer serving its intended purpose, you may consider changing the beneficiary designation to The Council of Canadians.

A gift of securities
A transfer of shares is a great way of supporting the fight for social justice and the better Canada we know is possible.

Establishing an endowed gift
The Maude Barlow Social Justice Fund was launched in 2012 as the permanent endowment for The Council of Canadians. Legacy gifts that are designated to this endowment fund can be both drawn upon to meet urgent calls to action and held in perpetuity to ensure the Council is able to remain effective on the front lines of social justice for generations to come.

Our mission is to hold governments accountable and challenge the unbalanced power of corporations, promote positive social change in Canada and around the world and empower individuals with the tools and resources to bring positive change to their communities, our country and our world.

Our vision is to see a Canada and a world inspired by humility, not arrogance; stewardship, not exploitation; and social solidarity, not competition.

These goals are our compass for activism. They are the pillars of who we are, what we do and why we exist. In leaving a legacy gift with The Council of Canadians, you empower future generations with the means and hope to bring about the better Canada we know is possible.

Thank you
Please note: Due to our strong advocacy role The Council of Canadians cannot issue tax receipts for donations. We encourage you to obtain independent legal or financial advice to determine which gift option is best for you.

More information
You may request more information on legacy giving any of the following ways:

If you have already planned a legacy gift for the Council of Canadians, please let us know! We would be grateful for the opportunity to recognize you and keep you informed about our future projects.