Petition: Demand truly fair elections

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Photograph of Parliament Hill by West Annex News

While the Unfair Elections Act has been amended to remove some of its worst provisions, if it passes in the Senate in its current form it will still undermine democracy and stack the deck in Harper's favour in the next federal election.

The Unfair Elections Act does nothing to address the widespread election fraud that took place in at least 247 ridings in 2011, and would make it easier for people like Pierre Poutine to get away with election fraud in the future. It would prevent Elections Canada from reporting on election fraud it does discover.

We need election reform that makes it easier, not harder, to prevent and prosecute election fraud. Join us in calling for the investigation and prevention of electoral fraud with a truly fair Elections Act.

Whereas the Federal Court found that an unprecedented, covert and widespread campaign of voter suppression was perpetrated on Canadian voters in the 41st General Election;

Whereas the Federal Court found that this campaign targeted Canadians who had indicated they would not be voting for the Conservative Party of Canada;

Whereas the Federal Court found that the most likely source of the data used to perpetrate this fraud is the Conservative Party’s CIMS database;

Whereas serious deficiencies in the antiquated Canada Elections Act have hampered the Commissioner of Elections from prosecuting those involved in the fraud; and

Whereas only urgent and meaningful action by the Government of Canada to remedy this fraud will restore the confidence of Canadians in our electoral process and our democracy;

Therefore we call on the Government of Canada to:

  1. Launch a public inquiry to find and bring to justice the person or persons responsible for accessing the Conservative Party of Canada’s CIMS database for the purpose of perpetrating election fraud in the 41st General Election.
  2. Table electoral reform legislation that incorporates the recommendations of Elections Canada, establishes enforceable standards for the conduct of political parties, enhances the ability of individual voters to challenge election results that have been obtained through "fraud or corrupt or illegal practices", and protects voters from being victimized by election fraud again.

Photograph of Parliament Hill by West Annex News