Line 3

Note: This campaign is not currently active.

Line 3

On June 28, 2018, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission approved Enbridge's Line 3 pipeline, which would carry tar sands crude from Hardisty, Alberta to a terminal in Superior, Wisconsin.

Marketed as a replacement for the existing Line 3 pipeline, it actually involves a doubling in capacity from 380,000 barrels per day to 790,000, and is the company's largest and most expensive project ever. The new pipeline would also travel a different route for about a third of its path, crossing through Anishinaabe land that is critical for hunting, fishing, and wild rice.

Minnesota was the last jurisdiction needed to give approval to Line 3. In Canada, the project received final approval from the Trudeau government in November 2016 (at the same time as the Trans Mountain pipeline was approved).

Since the tar sands industry first began planning big new pipeline projects in the mid 2000s, people power has been able to stop and stall almost all of them. Enbridge has been the exception. With Line 9b and Line 67 both up and running, Enbridge is the only tar sands pipeline company to break ground on new projects, and it is about to do it again with Line 3. The Council of Canadians works to stop tar sands pipelines, including Line 3, with the help of our local chapters and supporters. In the face of climate change, it is time to push our governments to stop expanding the fossil fuel industry, transition to green jobs and a sustainable energy future for us all.