Keystone XL still not a done deal, says Council of Canadians

November 20, 2017
Media Statement
Keystone XL Rally, 2012. FOE U.S.

The Council of Canadians responds to the recent decision by the Nebraska Public Service Commission to reject TransCanada’s preferred route for the Keystone XL pipeline, granting instead a conditional approval along a different route:

The Keystone XL route, which was reviewed by the U.S. federal government, was rejected by the Nebraska Commission in a five to zero vote. Instead, a new route was proposed which still crosses the Ogallala Aquifer, introduces new landowners, new questions and new hurdles for the fraught project.

Opposition to the project, which would enable further expansion in Alberta’s tar sands, remains strong. This includes ranchers continuing to challenge the pipeline route in Nebraska in a variety of ways such as building solar installations along the proposed Keystone XL route. It includes ongoing opposition from many American Indian Tribes and a vibrant climate movement challenging new fossil fuel infrastructure.

The Council of Canadians remains committed to challenging infrastructure projects that would expand the tar sands, violate Indigenous rights and threaten waterways with a diluted bitumen, tar sands spill.

For more information: Keystone XL fight is still on.


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