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Maude Barlow speaks at packed film event, Tapped: The Film Nestlé Doesn’t Want You to See

Last night Maude Barlow spoke to more than 350 people in Guelph, Ontario at a screening of 'Tapped,' a film critical of the bottled water industry.

Last month, Wellington Water Watchers organized a documentary series in partnership with the City of Guelph, with 'Tapped' as one of the films scheduled to be screened. When Nestlé Waters heard about the screening, they sent a letter of objection to the city, which then cancelled the event. In response, the Guelph Chapter of the Council of Canadians, Wellington Water Watchers and the Central Student Association (CSA) organized last night’s event at the University of Guelph.

“The incredible turnout is a clear sign that the community will not stand for Nestlé’s bullying,” says Maude Barlow, National Chairperson for the Council of Canadians. “People are definitely opening their eyes to the harm Nestlé and the bottled water industry does to our water sources. Nestlé may think twice again before they try to stifle public debate about critical social issues.”

Last night Maude Barlow shared the latest news about Nestlé, the threats that the water industry poses worldwide and what community members can do to stop them. Representatives from Wellington Water Watchers and the CSA also spoke about the local aspects of this issue.


Photo credit: Wellington Water Watchers