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Next government must reject TPP

TPP protest

OTTAWA – Today, the 12 signatory countries of the Trans-Pacific Partnership wrapped up a trade agreement, the details of which will probably only be revealed after the federal election. The Council of Canadians questions the legitimacy of a deal that has been negotiated in secret without any democratic input.

“The Harper government has signed a deal that will lay off thousands of auto workers and put thousands of dairy farmers in jeopardy while giving even more foreign corporations the right to dictate Canadian policy. Stephen Harper has no right and no mandate to sign a deal that we are just learning about during a federal election. On October 19, we urge Canadians to vote against the TPP,” says Maude Barlow, National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians.

She added, “Just what are we supposed to make of a deal that has been kept secret from the Canadian public? Our own legislators don’t even know what’s in it. Stephen Harper negotiated the TPP during an election when his mandate is simply to be a caretaker government. Parliament now has the ability to vote on the TPP. We strongly encourage the next government to reject it.”


IMAGE: Council of Canadians

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