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Ottawa residents plan to build a wall to stop tar sands flood

Part of ‘Defend Our Climate’ day of action

Defend Our Climate, Defend Our CommunitiesNote to editors: Excellent photo and interview opportunity

What: Ottawa is joining over 100 communities that are participating in a national day of action – ‘Defend Our Climate, Defend Our Communities’ – to highlight the growing opposition to tar sands expansion, pipeline risks, and dangerous climate change. People will attempt to physically build a wall to protect what is in jeopardy – our democracy, Indigenous rights, our values, our environment – and help stop Harper’s flood of tar sands crude and the Energy East pipeline.

Who: Maude Barlow, Chairperson Council of Canadians; Graham Saul, Executive Director Ecology Ottawa; and Ottawa residents from all walks of life. Organized by the Council of Canadians, Ecology Ottawa, Ottawa, and Greenpeace’s Ottawa Chapter.

Where: Centennial Flame on Parliament Hill.

When:  Saturday, November 16th, 1pm

For more information on the Defend our Climate, Defend our Communities Day of Action, please go to the website:

To see the Facebook event created for the action, please visit: