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Party politics: How far will young people go to vote this election?

PartyOTTAWA – What do birthday parties, vampires and bicycle crashes have in common? None of them will keep young people from voting in this election. That’s the message of a comedic short video produced by emerging talents Elle-Maija Tailfeathers and Jeff Lee Petry at Salazar Film, and written by Kevin Lee from ShitHarperDid.

Since its launch last week, the video has gone viral, with over 212,000 views to date. The clip was made for young people, by young people, one of a collection of humorous videos aimed at encouraging the 18-24 demographic – the age group least likely to cast a ballot – to get out and vote. Like Harpoon’s Tough Love Talk For Young People and VoteSavvy’s You Wouldn’t Let Your Grandmother Dress You spot, this video reaches young people where they live – online.

“Voting can be challenging for young people – we’re busy, we don’t feel informed, and we’re being ignored by politicians,” says Brigette DePape, Youth Vote Campaigner for the Council of Canadians. DePape first came to prominence in 2011 when, as a young page in the Senate, she held up a Stop Harper sign. “It’s time to change that. If my generation comes out to vote this election, we can be the game-changers no one saw coming.”

How far will you go to vote?

How far will you go to vote? Campus polls open now.

Posted by The Council of Canadians on Thursday, October 1, 2015


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