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Press conference will call for apology from Nova Scotia Health Minister over controversial remarks

WHAT: Health workers, social workers, patients, and community members will hold a press conference to respond to recent controversial comments by the Nova Scotia Health Minister. The participants will point out how the Minister’s remarks overlook barriers to a healthy lifestyle facing many low-income Nova Scotians and will demand a health care system that addresses inequality and provides equal care to all.

WHEN: 9am AST, Thursday, February 27

WHERE: Johanna B. Oosterveld Centre, 2103 Gottingen Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia

WHO: Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network

WHY: The Nova Scotia Health Minister, Leo Glavine, recently published an article suggesting that our public health system could function like banks; as banks require a financial check before giving loans, patients should have to prove that they lead a healthy lifestyle before receiving health care. The Health Minister’s comments rid the government of responsibility for providing programs and services, and shames people living in poverty.

The Minister’s comments are not only misguided and offensive, but a sign of ignorance. He shows that he has no understanding of the social determinants of health – the social factors that impact our health, behaviours and ability to receive care. Differences in income, housing, and education – among others – all influence’s people’s health.


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