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Prominent individuals and groups unite to stop the Unfair Elections Act

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The already widespread opposition to Bill C-23, the Unfair Elections Act, just got bigger. A large group of prominent individuals and organizations are issuing a public letter calling for the bill to be significantly amended or scrapped.

Individual signatories on the open letter include David Crombie, Margaret Atwood, David Suzuki, Allan Gregg, Michael Ondaatje, Judy Rebick, Tantoo Cardinal, Sarah Slean, and Brigette DePape.

The letter describes the bill as “a blatant attempt by the Harper government to stack the deck in favour of the Conservatives in the next federal election” and calls on MPs to “not allow this new elections law to pass without removing the parts that would legalize voter suppression.”

The letter raises eight key concerns about Bill C-23, including how it would:

  • make it harder for people to vote
  • disproportionately impact students and youth, Indigenous people, seniors, people on low-incomes, and other groups of people who the Conservatives know are unlikely to vote for them
  • actually make it harder to catch perpetrators of election fraud like Pierre Poutine

Organizations that have signed the open letter include ACORN Canada, Alternatives, the Canadian Peace Alliance, the Canadian Teachers' Federation, the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions, the Canadian Federation of Students, Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice, the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition (CYCC), Coalition Pas de démocratie sans voix, Confédération des syndicats nationaux – CSN, the Council of Canadians, CUPE, la Fédération des femmes du Québec, Le Conseil québécois LGBT, Leadnow, Ligue des droits et libertés, Nova Scotia Teachers Union, NUPGE, OpenMedia, the Polaris Institute, PSAC, Public Interest Alberta, UFCW Canada, Unifor, and the Union of Veterans Affairs Employees.


Stop the Unfair Elections Act