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MEDIA ADVISORY: Public health defenders to rally outside pro-privatization town hall

The Canadian Medical Association’s public consultation is peddling the dangerous idea that for-profit care can fix our health care, these critics say

Kjipuktuk/Halifax, Nova Scotia – This Thursday, public health advocates will be picketing outside the Halifax stop of a cross-country tour hosted by the Canadian Medical Association and the Globe and Mail. The public town hall is billed as a consultation on how best to blend public and private health care. But members and supporters of the Council of Canadians, the NS Health Coalition, and the NS Federation of Labour, will be there to take a clear stance against the idea of expanding for-profit care and to provide attendees with materials in support of keeping our system public. Picketers will have fliers, banners, and creative visual props.

WHAT: Info-picket to hand out leaflets in opposition to creeping privatization in health care and in support of strengthening Canada’s public health care, including though expansions like a national pharmacare program.

WHEN: Thursday, January 25, 2024, 11am AT

WHERE: Halifax Convention Centre, 1650 Argyle Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia

WHO: Supporters of public health care, including representatives from the Council of Canadians and chapters, the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour and other labour leaders, and the Nova Scotia Health Coalition

WHY: The Globe & Mail and the Canadian Medical Association have been hosting a series of public consultations across the country under the auspices of having a conversation on how to improve Canada’s health care system. But defenders of public health, including more than 400 medical practitioners, have expressed concern that the events want to revive the outdated notion that for-profit care can fix our ailing health care system.

VISUALS: There will be a giant 6-foot-tall inflatable medicine bottle with a prescription for public pharmacare, and people passing out leaflets to participants in the Globe & Mail / Canadian Medical Association’s event and to members of the public.


For more information or to request an interview, please contact:

Donya Ziaee, Communications Officer, The Council of Canadians, 613-404-2004