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Real Amigos to Three Amigos: “Don’t ratify the TPP”

Ottawa – When the “three amigos” – U.S. President Barack Obama, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto – meet in Ottawa on Wednesday, June 29, leading Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) opponents will be there to challenge the controversial deal.

WHAT: Media statement and photo opportunity. The organizations will remind the leaders of NAFTA’s devastating effects and to urge them not to ratify the TPP, considered a Trojan horse treaty for the sole benefit of transnational corporations over public interest.

WHEN: Wednesday, June 29 at 12:00pm EDT.

WHERE: Human Rights Monument, located at the corner of Lisgar and Elgin street in Ottawa (Note: Location is subject to change on short notice)

WHO: Victor Suarez, former member of the Mexican house of representatives and spokesperson of the Mexico Better Off Without the TPP coalition, and Arthur Stamoulis, Coordinator of the Citizens Trade Campaign network in the U.S. They are also available for interviews during their visit to Ottawa on June 28 and 29.

ORGANIZED BY: Groups affiliated to the Canadian and Quebec networks Réseau québécois sur l’Intégration continentale (RQIC), Common Frontiers (CF), and the Trade Justice Network (TJN).

The TPP has sparked controversy in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S., and has become a central issue in the American election. The corporate rights pact is expected to go to the U.S. Congress in November for a vote during a lame-duck session.


For more information:

Raul Burbano: Common Frontiers, 416-522-8615 (cell),

Pierre-Yves Serinet: RQIC, 438-396-6284 (cell),

Dylan Penner: Council of Canadians, 613-795-8685 (cell),