Mother Earth Water Walk Returns to Ottawa

Media Release
May 20, 2011

Ottawa - An 18,549 kilometre walk to protect the water of the great lakes is passing through Ottawa this weekend. Council of Canadians water campaigner Emma Lui, who read a statement of solidarity from Council chair Maude Barlow today, will be joining the walk through Ottawa tomorrow.

“I’m proud to be walking shoulder to shoulder tomorrow with these inspiring women, who are showing such leadership in walking 20,000 kilometres to protect the water we all share. They are an example to us all,” says Lui.

The Mother Earth Water Walk is calling attention to the sacred gift of water, the source of all life. Previous annual walks in 2003 through 2007 encircled Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, and Lake Erie respectively. In 2008 the water walk revisited Lake Michigan. The 2009 Mother Earth Water Walk stretched from Kingston, Ontario to the Atlantic Ocean along St. Lawrence River

Speakers at the Ottawa event on Victoria Island today included Mishomis William Commanda, National Assembly of First Nations chief Shawn A-in-Chut Atleo, Grandmother Melvina Flamand, Lead walker, and the Native Women’s Association of Canada.

The Council of Canadians stands in solidarity with this important initiative to protect and honour the water of the Great Lakes. Churchill Manitoba is the beginning point for the Northern Water Walk. Following walking through Ottawa on Saturday May 21, the  water walkers will travel by train toward the south to Winnipeg. Their route will carry sacred water from Hudson Bay through Manitoba, Ontario and into Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The Water Walkers from all four directions will meet in Bad River, Wisconsin on June 12.