Make a call for long-term care


Sample Script

Hi, my name is ______ and I’m calling as a constituent of Minister ________, to ask them to support mandatory national standards in long term care,  not just voluntary accreditation.

COVID has taken the lives of nearly 17,000 people in long term care and retirement homes. That’s 70% of COVID deaths in Canada- the worst record among OECD countries.  

Decades of cuts and privatization have meant that care is pushed aside for profit.

The federal government’s plan to rely on voluntary accreditation and standards won’t help.

Approximately 67% of Canada’s long term care homes were already accredited before COVID started.  

It didn’t stop this crisis and it won’t stop the next one.  

National care standards need to be mandatory, accountable, publicly reported, and ensure more, well-supported staff and a deeper quality of care.

What will the Minister do to ensure national standards meet the needs of residents and workers?