Nominating Committee Expression of Interest Form

To: Council of Canadians Chapters & Members
From: Council of Canadians Board

Council of Canadians Opportunity
National Board Nominating Committee

In preparation for the June 20, 2021 Annual Members Meeting, the Council of Canadians is inviting expression of interest applications from members to serve on the Nominations Committee for the Council’s National Board of Directors elections.

For 2021, the Nominating Committee will include three (3) individuals as follows:

  • Two (2) members of the current Board of Directors who are not standing for re-election in 2021; and
  • One (1) additional Council of Canadians member selected from applicants who submit a completed “Nominating Committee Expression of Interest Form” (below) by the deadline.

To the degree possible, the composition will reflect the full diversity of the Council and be based on demonstrated capacity in the criteria outlined on the expression of interest form. 

PROCESS AND TIMELINE- Nominating Committee

  • April 21 – Application deadline
  • April 22 – Council of Canadians Executive Committee to review applications and prepare recommendation to full board
  • April 26 – board confirms 3 members of the nominating committee
  • April 27 – Nominating Committee begins work to determine and oversee nominating process
  • May 28 – deadline for Nominating Committee to circulate a report listing eligible nominees to all members per Bylaw 9.03 (2) (c)
  • June 20 – AMM where elections are completed

MANDATE - Council of Canadians Relevant By-Laws: Nominating Committee
5.05 Candidates for Board
(1) All eligible candidates for election as directors at large shall be presented to the membership by the nominating committee pursuant to Section 9.04. (Nominations Committee)

9.03 Nominating Committee
Notwithstanding by-law 9.01: (which sets out standing committees)
1) Nominating Committee Appointment and Composition
a) The board shall appoint a nominating committee in advance of every annual meeting of members.

b) The nominating committee shall have up to five (5) members, including at least one (1) board member who shall not be a candidate for the board.

c) Consistent with the Council’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, the board shall endeavor to ensure that the nominating committee is representative of diversity, including equityseeking groups, and reflects the vision, mission and values of the Council.

2) Nominating Committee Mandate
a) The nominating committee shall promote, receive and assess nominations for and from members to stand for election to director-at-large positions on the board, and will ensure that all eligible candidates are afforded the same opportunities to be considered.

b) Consistent with the Council’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, the nominating committee shall endeavor to ensure that the final list of candidates assessed to stand for election to the board shall be diverse and reflect the vision, mission and values of the Council. This may include identification by the nominating committee of potential candidates.

c) The nominating committee shall ensure that all eligible candidates are afforded the same opportunities to be considered for election to the board by the members. This will include a nominating committee report with a list of eligible candidates which shall be circulated to all members at least 21 days in advance of the elections. The report will include the nominating committee’s confirmation of eligibility and assessment of each candidate

Please ensure that this information is shared with those who might be interested, and who would contribute the skills, experience, expertise and diversity that would ensure strong outcomes.

John Cartwright

John Cartwright



The Council of Canadians Board will select one (1) member volunteer to serve on the 2021 national board elections Nominating Committee.


1. Experience

2. Interest

3. Diversity Representation

How do you self-identify? (pick any that apply)
How do you self-identify? (pick any that apply)

Commitment to Participation

If selected to serve on the 2021 Council of Canadians National Board Nominating Committee, I confirm that I am willing and able to:
  1. Participate in conference calls, email and other forms of electronic communications as necessary. This commitment is estimated at approximately 5 meetings of 2 – 3 hours each, to be held between April 27 and June 19, with the majority before May 28th;
  2. Understand and act consistently with my responsibility to the Council as a whole;
  3. Seek and contribute to a consensus based approach, and speaking with one voice as part of the Nominating Committee, except where consensus could not be achieved and there is agreement as to how dissent will be reflected; and
  4. Be prepared to participate fully in the activities of the Nominating Committee, without compensation but with direct expenses (as approved) to be reimbursed.

Additional Information

Documents can be emailed to Christina Warner at