Offshore Drilling Not Worth the Risk

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Offshore Drilling Not Worth the Risk

Protect communities, fisheries, tourism and climate from Big Oil

BP (British Petroleum), the same company responsible for the Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon disaster that saw 4.9 million barrels of oil spilled, the death of 11 workers and devastating consequences for local fisheries, economies and communities, has begun drilling off the southeast coast of Nova Scotia. On April 22 the company started drilling the first of seven wells, and on June 22 BP reported a massive spill of synthetic drilling mud at their drilling site 50km from Sable Island National Park Reserve.

Not only is this the opposite direction we need to go in addressing climate change, it puts Nova Scotian waters, marine life and related good jobs at risk from a serious oil spill. BP is exploring for oil at unprecedented depths, some wells twice as deep as those of Deepwater Horizon, meanwhile our government refuses to insist on requiring corporations to cap an oil spill quickly. The U.S. requires oil companies to have blowout-capping equipment on site within 24 hour. BP will be allowed two weeks!

Join us and CPONS (Campaign to Protect Offshore Nova Scotia), a project of the South Shore chapter of the Council of Canadians, in stopping this project before it starts.