This is the Ontario We Want

The 2018 Election Issues That Matter Most

We asked thousands of people from across Ontario “Which issues are important to you and will inform how you will vote in the upcoming election?

Here are the answers:


  • Enact a Housing for All strategy that increases the supply of affordable housing and commits to eliminate homelessness.
  • Create a strong anti-poverty action plan. Maintain the current minimum wage legislation and planned increases, strengthen disability and welfare programs, fund more emergency shelters and raise corporate taxes to be inline with the rest of Canada.
  • Make Ontario safe for everyone. End police carding, support safe injection sites, improve anti-racism and hate speech legislation and decriminalize sex work.
  • Provide universal access to affordable and safe child care.
  • Improve social conditions for Indigenous peoples on and off reserves.
  • Support union rights to organize, negotiate and strike.


  • Expand Pharmacare to everyone in Ontario and fund essential dental care.
  • Stop health care privatization and the privatization of hospital services.
  • Support long-term care residents. Increase personal care time and eliminate the 30,000-person waitlist.
  • Reverse the nursing shortage.
  • Ensure access to culturally relevant health care for Indigenous peoples.


  • Recognize the Human Right to Water. Prioritize community access to water over industrial uses. Establish an Ontario Minister of Water Protection.
  • Get tough on corporate crime. Increase enforcement and penalties for corporations breaking environmental laws.
  • Eliminate permits to extract and exploit groundwater for bottled water corporations.
  • Ensure access to clean water on all First Nation reserves by holding the federal government accountable.
  • Justice for Grassy Narrows First Nation. Provide a full mercury clean up, compensation, and a local clinic.
  • Ban the transportation of tar sands products in the Great Lakes Basin.


  • Enact a strong climate change plan. Commit Ontario to being fossil fuel-free by 2050. Establish an effective carbon pricing program. Pass legislation to give municipalities the power to sue fossil fuel companies for damages due to climate change.
  • Oppose new oil pipelines and the expansion of existing oil pipeline capacity.
  • Support alternatives. Support public and community ownership of renewable energy projects through municipal hydro utilities and cooperatives. Increase funding for public transit. Re-establish commuter rail service to Northern Ontario. Update building codes to increase energy efficiency in new buildings.
  • Keep energy public. Take back control of Ontario Hydro and prevent the privatization/sale of municipal hydro utilities.


  • Replace the first-past-the-post electoral system and establish proportional representation for all future elections.
  • Improve whistleblower protection in the public and private sectors. Improve the Freedom of Information request process to remove excessive delays and costs.
  • Protect democracy. Require paper ballots for all elections in Ontario to ensure vote security. Increase penalties for voter suppression and enhance enforcement.
  • Uphold the rights of Indigenous peoples to free, prior and informed consent on decisions and developments that affect their lands, resources and cultures.
  • Help young people vote by placing more polling stations on campuses.


  • Support Ontario farmers and workers by protecting supply management and Ontario “buy local” rules in international trade agreements.
  • Protect environmental, Indigenous and labour rights and defend public services in trade agreements. Ensure the federal government does not adopt investor-state dispute settlement provisions that allow corporations to sue governments for lost profits.
  • Ensure greater corporate accountability to shareholders through the Ontario Securities Commission.