Report Card

Ontario Election Report Card

We asked thousands of people from across Ontario: “Which issues are important to you and will inform how you will vote in the upcoming election?”

3,892 survey respondents identified 52 key issues in six categories

We did our homework and carefully compared these issues to each of the four main parties’ platforms, as well as to the public statements of party leaders during the election period up to May 24. We tallied up what percentage of the key issues each party is committing to take action on.

Here are the results for each party:

NDP: 36/52 = 69%
Greens: 29/52 = 55%
Liberals: 21/52 = 40%
Progressive Conservatives: 6/52= 12%

Detailed Report Card

Key Issues

See the full breakdown of how the parties compared on each of the 52 key issues.

Press release here

This is not an endorsement of any party, nor is it a request for you to vote for anyone in particular.

The Council of Canadians is non-partisan. We believe in active citizen involvement in the electoral process. While the Council does not endorse candidates, parties or holders of public office, the organization may support positions taken that are consistent with its goals and mission.

Whichever party wins the Ontario election on June 7, the Council of Canadians will endeavour to convince its members to prioritize the key issues identified by Council of Canadians supporters.