Factsheet: One Million Climate Jobs: A Challenge for Canada

What if we had a plan to fight climate change, ensure a just transition for workers, create good local jobs and build more equitable communities all at the same time? That’s what the One Million Climate Jobs Challenge is all about!

Creating One Million Climate Jobs can both reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and create decent paying jobs, while addressing the immediate effects of climate events, such as wildfires, floods, droughts or deforestation.

Download this factsheet to read how public investment must be secured to support four strategic priorities.

The Council of Canadians is a member of the Green Economy Network (GEN). This network has come together as members of unions, environmental and social justice organizations to form a common front of civil society groups for the building of a green economy in Canada. GEN is running a One Million Climate Jobs campaign.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018