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Canadian Perspectives, Summer 2018

Canadian Perspectives is our in-house magazine, reporting on the work of the Council and exploring the important political developments affecting Canadians and the world around us. In this issue you will find articles that show the positive change you are supporting across our country and beyond. In this edition you can read more about:

  • Hear from Council of Canadians Honorary Chairperson Maude Barlow about recent campaign developments, and what she has seen and heard on her recent travels.
  • Read about how, with the help of supporters like you, the Council of Canadians will be heading back to court to defend democracy and Canadians’ ability to access their right to vote.
  • Judith Hamm, a long-time dedicated Council of Canadians supporter, shares the story about how she got involved in the Council of Canadians and why she prefers to donate monthly to the Council’s work.
  • Enjoy an excerpt of this new tri-national report published jointly by the Council of Canadians, Greenpeace Mexico and Sierra Club U.S. and written by leading economists from each of the three NAFTA countries. It presents original research and analyses on the climate implications of NAFTA.
  • Learn more about two extreme energy projects – the Kinder Morgan pipeline project on the West Coast and BP’s offshore drilling on the East Coast – and how they show how far governments are willing to go to facilitate business for the oil industry even when faced with the serious perils of climate change.
  • Find out about how a House of Commons Standing Committee on Health has breathed new hope into the long-term quest for universal pharmacare. The Council of Canadians has been part of the joint national effort to finally bring the cost of medications into our public program.
  • Learn more about how Council of Canadians volunteer chapter activists are acting for social justice in communities across the country. Find contact information that you can use to connect with a chapter near you.