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Tru Online Community

Council of Canadians Online Community

Visit community.canadians.org to join the Council of Canadians online community. The Council’s Chapter Task Force recommendations, presented February 28th, 2021, included a recommendation to transition to an online community that was well-researched and well-supported. The Task Force indicated there was broad chapter support for this idea, and the feeling was that OrganizeThis (the Council’s email list for chapters) was not meeting their needs.

About the platform

Tru.net is an online social network that functions similarly to Facebook Groups. Tru prioritizes accountability and transparency. Members are empowered to control what information is shared and disseminated across the network, and Tru is structured in a way that allows members to trace the source of content back to the original user, ensuring that it is credible and reliable.

The Council’s Tru hub is intended to be a platform for Council chapter members to communicate with each other on common issues like campaigns, ask questions, and get updates. Tru will become the primary method of communication between the national organization and chapters. To ensure that you receive timely information and announcements from the national organization, you will need to be registered and active on Tru. Communication flow should be simplified in that there is no need for several emails to your inbox to have an exchange of ideas. Members can create hubs on specific topics and people can join those hubs as they wish (more on hubs below).

Join the Council’s Tru hub by visiting community.canadians.org. Sign up using your cell phone number (preferred) or personal email address, rather than your Chapter or organization. Using a cell phone number provides more options, such as creating your own hub. Why? Limiting full access to accounts created with email addresses helps to eliminate troll accounts on Tru because people can have multiple email addresses but typically only have a single cell phone number. 

When you join, you will see a walk-though video tutorial, demonstrating how to use the site.

The introduction and walk-through videos can be re-watched anytime on the online community site by clicking on the “?” question mark in the top-right corner. Discover more about Tru at trumovements.net/solution.

Get help by clicking on the question mark located in the top-right corner on Tru.

Logging in

If your browser does not automatically keep you logged into the online community, click “Login” in the top right corner to enter your password.

Stay engaged with the online community and receive timely updates by signing up for notifications.

Click on your profile image (“PW” pictured), in the top-right corner, and choose “Settings.” Here you can select what type of notifications you wish to receive and choose where you want them sent – to your email address, to your cell phone, or both.

Tru Settings


A hub is a space for group collaboration and publishing. You can create a hub as an individual or for an organization. Only hubs can publish on Tru.

Network of hubs

The Council has a main hub, which is the central point of its network of hubs. Several nested hubs are linked, which connect to regions, chapters, and interest-based hubs. The national organization does not manage all of the hubs in the network. Chapters are as autonomous as they choose to be. If you or your chapter create a hub and wish to collaborate with others, let the Council know, and it can be listed in, and added to, our network (see information on creating hubs below).

Click on “Network” to navigate the nested hubs.

Communicate with people in your region

Under Network, select your region in the left-hand column. Click “Visit” to go to the selected hub.

Communicating with people in your chapter

Select your chapter in the Network and click “Visit.” Reach out to your regional organizer if you wish to administer your chapter hub. Chapters can be as autonomous as they choose.

Join a hub

Join a hub by clicking on the ‘Join’ button

Leave a hub

Leave a hub by clicking on the ‘Leave’ button

Follow a hub

Follow/Unfollow a hub by clicking on the button in the Published tab. Following a hub will push published content by this hub to your news feed, but you can not participate in the forum without joining as a member.

Communicate with people who are working on the same campaign

If you want to discuss any issue or campaign, post in the Council’s online forum (see more information below), or in your chapter’s forum to communicate with people in your community. If you have a longer running campaign and need to collaborate more fully, consider setting up a separate hub and inviting others, including allies, to join. Let your regional organizer know if you need and hand, and they can add it to the Council’s network.

Chat message notifications can be accessed in the top-right corner (1 pictured above). The chat feature is a virtual space for communication with either individual members of the hub or the whole group.

Hub-specific chat
Hub chat

To participate in the Council’s online community Forum, you will need to be logged in to your account and join the hub as a member.

Discussion is like using a Facebook group – a user posts content and other users can comment underneath.

The content creator can choose to Publish the post and share the post with other hubs, however, only members of the original forum will see the discussion and comments. All posts link back to their original hub’s forum. You can check the origin of the post by clicking on the ‘TruLine’ link (pictured below).

There are two ways to engage in a forum. By clicking “Elevate” under a post (pictured below, and demonstrated in the video under the “Post content” section below), it’s like giving the content a thumbs up. Another way to engage is by commenting.

Elevate button

Click on “Comments” and type your message. When people visit the forum, they’ll see the most popular articles that have been elevated, as well as comments under posts that they can also engage with.

Comments button

Click “TruLine” to view the origin of a post.

Visit your news feed by clicking “My Feed” in the top-right of your screen (pictured below) to see all of the published posts from hubs you follow.

My Feed button
My Feed
TruLine button

If you are a curator or an administrator of a hub, you can post content. Go to the “Forum” section and the area to input your content is at the top. Click on “Rich text editor” to access different fonts and images, to give your post more visible appeal.

How to post in the forum, elevate a post, and comment.

Only hub curators and administrators can publish content so that it appears in places outside of the forum. They will have a good idea of the type of content members the hub wish to see more of by looking for articles which have a lot of engagement. If you wish to help curate (moderate) a hub, send a message to the hub administrator.

Hub curators and administrators will see a “Publish” button underneath each post.

Publish button

If you administer any hub on Tru, you’ll see a Repost button beneath published content that allows you to share the post to your hub’s forum.

Repost button

Chapter representative notifications

*Governance/Updates Hub* – This hub will replace the former OrganizeThis for Chapter representatives. We ask that only chapter members request to join this hub intended for internal, governance communications.

If you have a working group or a campaign in your region and wish to connect people, a hub is a great way to organize. Go to Hubs at the top of your screen to see the hubs you’re a member of.

Hubs button

If you have a working group or a campaign in your region and wish to connect people, a hub is a great way to organize. BUT before you create a new hub, take a quick look at the Council’s existing network of hubs to be sure there isn’t one that would already meet your needs.

Create Hub
Click Create Hub to start a new working group.

Hubs can be public or private – you control the settings. To adjust the settings after you have created the hub, visit the settings by pressing the ⚙️ gear/cog button on the right-hand side (pictured below). Once you’ve created the hub, let your regional organizer know so that they can connect the hub to the Council’s network.

Settings button

Invite others to join your hub!

Advertise your hub by posting in your regional Hub forum, chapter hub and the Council’s main hub to invite others to join. Also, you can copy the invitation link under the Members tab to invite others via your personal network.

Members button

Explore the hubs available for you to join in the Council’s network using the Network tab.

Network button

If you have any questions or need support, reach out to your regional organizer or to the Council’s national office, and we’ll be happy to help support you.