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(Recording) Digital Rally to keep transit moving

Across the country, transit agencies are on the brink of collapsing or being forced to cut service routes and jobs because of the impacts of COVID-19.

The pandemic has added additional pressure to our transit systems, compounding decades of neglect, cuts and privatization. Now that the second wave of COVID-19 is here we need to work to protect our public transit agencies for the future.

Public transit isn’t just about how we can get from one place to another. It’s about accessibility and disability; bridging divides between urban, suburban and rural transportation; policing, racism and migrant justice; workers’ rights; austerity cuts and privatization of public services; public health in a time of pandemic; Indigenous rights; social injustice; and the climate crisis.

We need a strong public transit system to keep our cities moving and access jobs, groceries, and health care. We need intercity transit to visit our families or get to medical appointments.

Hear from grassroots organizers about these important intersections and the work that’s happening in many communities to build a just recovery and a GND for public transit, as well as how people can get involved.


  • John Di Nino (ATU Canada)
  • Zainab Hussein (TTC Riders)
  • Tina Adelia Collins (transit rider, New Brunswick)
  • Laura Kruse (Free Transit Edmonton)
  • Brian Harris (Vice President, Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism)
  • Sally Thomas (accessible transit advocate)
  • Mark Beeching (President, ATU local 1724)

Co-facilitated by: Madelin Burt-D’Agnillo (ATU Canada) and Dylan Penner (Council of Canadians)

This digital rally was organized by the Keep Transit Moving Coalition, which brings together organizations from coast to coast working toward a just recovery and a Green New Deal for public transit.