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Responses: MP Flood Parliament 2.0 2.0

Flood Parliament 2.0 Organizing Workbook

We continue to find ourselves in a code red for the climate – but your actions to push for legislation to address the intertwined climate, social, and economic crises are working! 

Because of the hard work and dedication of thousands of people just like you across the country, we’re expecting just transition legislation to be introduced soon.

However, our work is not over. We continue to pay the price for the one percent’s soaring profits and emissions. Our communities are feeling the impacts of fires, floods, and extreme weather, while inflation soars to a 40 year high, making it harder and harder for people to afford just to live. Those profiting from this inequality are emitting a million times more CO2 than anyone else, while getting richer as corporate profits hit a 70 year high. 

We must keep up the pressure on MPs who have already committed to passing just transition legislation, and ensure that more MPs commit to doing so as this piece of legislation comes before Parliament. 

Use this toolkit to:

  • Strategically mobilize new MPs by collecting batches of 25 signatures on Parliamentary petitions. This is the minimum number of signatures necessary for an MP to table a petition, and the first step towards their public commitment. 
  • Put pressure on MPs who have not already tabled the petition by building relationships and increasing the number of groups advocating for a just transition
  • Put pressure on MPs who have already tabled the petition to take the next step towards public commitment: bringing up just transition and the petition at their party’s regional caucus meeting, and informing their constituents of their support for a just transition.

The toolkit is available to view below. Use the following link to open the toolkit in a new window, to save a copy on your own drive or to print: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rMZ2gvJohje5fCZfYXfkxaJ4bo7jseVsgsO7_btEikg/edit?usp=sharing

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