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World Water Day


If you have trouble downloading or accessing the resources below, please email waterdrops@canadians.org, and we will email them directly. 

As in previous years, we urge you to send completed Water Drops for delivery to the Prime Minister. 

You can mail them to our Ottawa office (or send us photocopies if you prefer to keep the originals). You can also scan and email them to waterdrops@canadians.org 

The Water Drops and resources can be used any time of the year. We ensure the Prime Minister gets all the messages sent to us.  

Thank you for the important work you are doing, in the spirit of reconciliation. 

Kind regards, 
Mark Calzavara


The Water Drop, a print-out for messages to Prime Minister. (downloadable PDF)

The Human Right to Water – Slideshow for upper grades (Presentation link and downloadable printout)

The Human Right to Water – Slideshow for lower grades (Presentation link and downloadable printout) 

Would you drink this water? – Slideshow for all grades (Presentation link and downloadable printout)

Water Crossword puzzle (PDF print out)

Water Word finder puzzle easy (PDF print out) 

Water Word finder puzzle harder (PDF print out) 

Additional teacher Resource links