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Green New Deal Communities Organizing Guide

Green New Deal Communities Organizing Guide

Green New Deal Communities Sample Resolution (RTF)

Who decides what our climate future will be? Will it be the defenders of the status quo who have caused the interconnected economic, climate, health, and water crises we’re facing? Or will it be people and communities?

The answer is simple: We must decide.

Diverse social movements — including Black, Indigenous, and all People of Colour, migrants, workers, women, and beyond — are already shaping the future of Canada.

Together, we can build a Green New Deal from the ground up. Will you join us?

Green New Deal Communities form a network of community-based campaigns across Canada rooted in the principles of the Green New Deal. Together, we are learning, making tangible change in our communities, and reclaiming political power for people and the planet.

Municipalities have control over activities that account for nearly half of all greenhouse gas emissions in Canada. Municipalities can also apply upward pressure for climate justice on the provincial, territorial, and federal governments. Community organizing can have a decisive impact on local climate justice policies and plans. This means the more local Green New Deals we can build, the closer we are to a safe climate future.

The Council of Canadians provides direct support for campaigns led by local organizers and movements. We connect communities in different places to learn and develop strategies together and tell the story of our Green New Deal to broader movements and audiences. We’re taking a growing Green New Deal to politicians across the country and holding them accountable to the changes we know we need for a healthy future that includes all of us. We hope you’ll join us.

You can use this Organizing Guide to raise awareness in your community and build support for a Green New Deal. You will have everything you need to support your local city or town council or school board to pass a resolution in support of a Green New Deal.