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Strategic Plan 2024

The Council has adapted its strategic framework from the “Real-time Strategic Planning” model developed by David La Piana. The strategic direction of the Council has been developed through a participatory process across our board, staff, and chapter base, including at an in-person retreat.

Rather than setting a rigid timeline of tasks for the coming three years, the Council has adopted a planning framework that steers its strategy and goal-setting on an annual basis. This framework recognizes that the world is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous – in other words, the political context and lived reality of our communities are always changing and our work to address social justice issues within this changing world must be flexible enough to respond. With that understanding, this strategic plan lays out decision making tools we will use in the next three years to respond to our changing world while staying on a path towards our goals of protecting people, the planet, and democracy. From there, The Council will set annual goals which will directly inform our operational plan.