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System Change Not Climate Change

The System Change Not Climate Change Project is multi-media tool for climate justice organized by the Council of Canadians’ Climate Justice for People and the Planet campaign.

The popular slogan: “system change not climate change” has become central to a growing and vibrant global movement for climate justice. But what does “system change” mean? And what does it have to do with the climate crisis? This project features videos from a range of speakers including academics, workers and activists who address these questions, talk about why we need system change, and give examples of new ways forward.

The project aims to build awareness and inspire actions for climate justice in Canada and around the world through the organizing of community-based teach-ins using these videos.

It is our hope that the speakers’ messages will be shared broadly. We encourage you to use the videos in whatever setting suits you, your organization, union or group.

Playlist (all 34 videos)

Please note: These videos were recorded in 2011. The views and opinions expressed in these videos does not necessarily reflect the positions and campaign goals of the Council of Canadians.

The Council of Canadians is encouraging System Change Not Climate Change project endorsements. Endorsement means the names or logos of supporting organizations, unions and groups will appear on this website. Endorsers will help use and share the project widely.

Vidéos sous-titrés en français