Run to protect our lakes and rivers

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Caribou Legs in Ottawa

4,400 kilometres.
110 days.
5 provinces.
... and 1 man on a mission!

On September 21, 2015, Indigenous ultra-marathoner Brad Firth – better known as Caribou Legs – accomplished two remarkable feats.

For one, he ran the equivalent of a marathon a day for 110 consecutive days. If that wasn’t enough, he also achieved his goal of raising much-needed public awareness and political will to restore federal protections for our endangered lakes and rivers.

Not to mention, he did it in the middle of a record hot summer and the closest federal election in a generation.

But he was determined to deliver your signed Pledge to Protect petition – and those from thousands of people like you who supported him and this important campaign.

Over the course of his epic run, Caribou Legs crossed countless lakes, rivers and streams. And what kept him going was the thought that every one of them is likely among the 99% of all waterways across Canada that have been stripped of federal protection by the Harper Conservatives.

Along his journey, he also witnessed first-hand the impact that contaminated water has on people and communities. "I've learned what people are going through out there. Some of the reservations in southern Canada have little to no access to clean water”, he said. “Every day, we all should do something to protect water.”

Parliament Hill    Caribou Legs on Parliament Hill


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