The Rights of Nature / Commons: System Change Not Climate Change

System Change Not Climate Change

The Rights of Nature / Commons

In the drive for unlimited growth, corporations and governments seek to commodify the Commons – the ecological, social and cultural resources and heritages that we all share – through takeovers, privatization and exploitation, often using free trade agreements as the principle vehicle. Speakers discuss this reality and promote the preservation and reclamation of these Commons by establishing the rights of nature.

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Individual videos

Maude Barlow, National Chairperson, The Council of Canadians
Maude discusses the concept of the rights of nature as transformative and the push for a Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth at the United Nations.

Tom Goldtooth, Executive Director, Indigenous Environmental Network
Tom discusses Indigenous knowledge, the rights of nature, and need for all peoples to work together in ending unsustainable energy and resource consumption.

Shannon Biggs, Director, Community Rights Program, Global Exchange
Shannon discusses the need to move from a legal system that merely ‘regulates’ environmental degradation to one that enshrines the rights of nature over those of commerce and corporations.