Energy, Transportation, Agriculture: System Change Not Climate Change

System Change Not Climate Change

Energy, Transportation, Agriculture

In the move away from fossil fuel dependency there needs to be a fundamental transformation in key areas such as energy, transportation and agriculture. Speakers address ways we can transition off fossil fuels and make choices that will ensure a more sustainable future for everyone.

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Eric Doherty, Transportation Planner and Council of Canadians Activist
Eric talks about the existing transportation system which maximizes the use of energy and materials, versus a renewed commitment to public transit and other low carbon, community building transit options.

Malik Yakini, Executive Director, Detroit Black Food Security Network
Malik describes the importance of food security and local food production, drawing on his experience with the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network.

Cathleen Kneen, Food Secure Canada
Cathleen talks about industrial agriculture, food sovereignty and the growing movement toward local, sustainable food systems.

Ralph D. Torrie, Managing Director, Trottier Energy Futures Project
Ralph looks for ways to achieve a sustainable energy future by examining the behaviours and decision making that drive our energy system.