Real Solutions: System Change Not Climate Change

System Change Not Climate Change

Real Solutions

Teach-in Template: Videos that highlight some real solutions that are helping to change the system!

Playlist (6 videos)

Individual videos

John Cartwright, President of the Toronto and York Region Labour Council
John speaks about the opportunities for good green jobs in many sectors, drawing on experiences in Toronto.

Cathy Wilander, Head of the Delta-Richmond Chapter, Council of Canadians
Cathy describes the B.C. based Stop the Pave campaign, a climate justice campaign aimed at stopping a local highway project using empowering direct action tactics.

Dr. Peter A. Victor, Professor in Environmental Studies at York University
Peter discusses the need for low/no growth economies, and the changes required to support them.

Shannon Biggs, Director, Community Rights Program, Global Exchange
Shannon discusses the need to move from a legal system that merely ‘regulates’ environmental degradation to one that enshrines the rights of nature over those of commerce and corporations.

Malik Yakini, Executive Director, Detroit Black Food Security Network
Malik describes the importance of food security and local food production, drawing on his experience with the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network.

Cathleen Kneen, Food Secure Canada
Cathleen talks about industrial agriculture, food sovereignty and the growing movement toward local, sustainable food systems.