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Amidst the growing climate crisis, we support communities fighting energy projects that will destroy their land, water and air. We work to stop pipelines that will bring fracked natural gas and tar sands crude to new markets, and support the efforts of communities to say “no” to fracking. And we are pushing for strong policies that protect our environment and focus on renewable and sustainable energy solutions – policies that serve people and the planet, not corporate greed.

Responses: MP Flood Parliament 2.0 2.0

Flood Parliament 2.0 Organizing Workbook

We continue to find ourselves in a code red for the climate – but your actions to push for legislation ...
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Bill 1 Queen for a day?

Queen for a day?

Like all good lies, there is a kernel of truth at the centre of Smith’s bill. Alberta (and, to a ...
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CCUS is the worst

CCUS: Capturing more public funds than carbon since 1972

Let’s be very clear: carbon capture, utilization, and storage is NOT a climate solution. It’s a prime example of greenwashing ...
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no clean oil

Storm of the Century, an Annual Event?

Canada’s approval of Bay du Nord project shows the government still not taking climate change seriously ...
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“Posing as Canadian” webinar: In conversation with Gordon Laxer

“Posing as Canadian” webinar: In conversation with Gordon Laxer

On November 24th, 2022, the Council of Canadians hosted a conversation with Gordon Laxer, about his recent study on the ...
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Holding government and industry accountable for toxic tailings

Take action to demand a just cleanup of the tar sands and tailings ponds for a just transition

It is imperative that the Alberta government work together with the federal government to find solutions to the tailings ponds ...
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Free, prior, and informed consent is a bare minimum

As the toll of the tar sands on Indigenous communities grows, Canada continues to fail in its obligations to UNDRIP

For decades government and industry have been making decisions about tar sands development without the free, prior, and informed consent ...
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Migrant Rights Add Your Name Now

Council of Canadians supports #StatusForAll

It’s time for a migrant regularization program that leaves no one behind ...
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