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Health Care Privatization

The federal government must enforce the letter and the spirit of the Canada Health Act and enact strong penalties on provinces that allow private clinics. Federal and provincial governments need to work together to ensure a strengthened public health care system that provides timely, quality health care services to all Canadians, not just for those who can afford to pay.

Mass protest poster from the Ontario Health Coalition

Ontario Rally to Stop Health Care Privatization

On September 25, join the Ontario Health Coalition and communities across Ontario for a major show of force against health ...

Stopping Parliament’s echo-chamber on privatization

The halls of power are an echo chamber. I watched this in action last week — and realized how desperately ...

Supreme Court of Canada upholds B.C.’s Medicare Protection Act in landmark decision protecting public health care

Today, the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed Cambie Surgeries Corporation’s (CSC) attempt to overturn previous decisions made by BC’s courts ...

Change the narrative about health care privatization

Send a letter to the editor of your local paper to reject privatization as an “innovative” solution to the health ...
Thank you for taking action on pharmacare – your letter has been sent!

Thank you for taking action on pharmacare – your letter has been sent!

Thank you – your letter to the editor has been sent! Thank you! Now amplify your activism in two ways: ...
Privatized healthcare

Ford unveils latest plan to privatize surgeries

Are you ready to pull out your credit card the next time you need a hip replacement or cataract surgery? ...
Ontario health care expired

Care, not profit. Defend public health care in Ontario

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” It’s a maxim that has been part of the 1%’s playbook for ...
Ontario health care expired

Care, not profit – defend public health care in Ontario

The Ford government is engaging in unprecedented privatization of our health care services, transferring millions of public dollars to for-profit ...