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The Council of Canadians fights to protect Canada’s freshwater sources from pollution, privatization, and government neglect. Our campaign work focuses on recognizing water as part of a shared commons and a human right.

Canada has no national strategy to address urgent water issues, leaving it up to communities to defend local waters. We support these Public Water Champions nationwide, mobilizing our tens of thousands of supporters and volunteer chapters. We encourage community empowerment and involvement through our “Blue Communities Project.” We are pushing the Federal government to create a strong and independent Canada Water Agency, a comprehensive National Water Policy, and to end Drinking Water Advisories in First Nations. We are opposing Big Water and its attempts to commodify water.

Water is vital to people’s health and livelihoods. Join us in taking action to protect water!

one boilwater advisory is one too many

Delivering the water drops on National Indigenous Peoples Day

On Friday, June 21st, the Council of Canadians team celebrated National Indigenous Peoples Day by bringing messages from students across ...
African Blue communties

Welcoming the first Blue Communities on the African continent! 

The global network of Blue Communities is growing day by day. Last month, three African organizations became the first on ...
Federal Budget Response: 2024


The 2024 Federal Budget is a clear attempt by the Liberal government to appeal to popular progressive sentiments without making ...
'Water is life': BC water protection survey results

‘Water is life’: BC water protection survey results

The results of our 2024 BC water survey are in. See this snapshot of responses to the threats to clean ...
Take action for water on World Water Day, March 22!

Take action for water on World Water Day, March 22!

Can you imagine any non-indigenous community in Canada being forced to endure such conditions for decades? Neither can we. This ...
Stop the Chalk River Nuclear Megadump

Public Rally, Stop the Chalk River Nuclear Megadump Feb. 28-Mar. 1

Calling all concerned citizens of the Kichi Sibi (Ottawa River) watershed! Thank you to folks who joined us in solidarity ...
Keepers of the Water Webinar Schedule

Uranium Mining in Northern Saskatchewan – What you Should Know (Recording)

Join the Keepers of the Water for a 4-part webinar series titled “Uranium Mining in Northern Saskatchewan – What you ...
Welcoming a new blue community, Saint Paul University

Saint Paul University IS NOW A BLUE COMMUNITY

Maude Barlow was the keynote speaker at a special event on January 24th, 2024, where Saint Paul University received the ...