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The Council of Canadians fights to protect Canada’s freshwater sources from pollution, privatization, and government neglect. Our campaign work focuses on recognizing water as part of a shared commons and a human right.

Canada has no national strategy to address urgent water issues, leaving it up to communities to defend local waters. We support these Public Water Champions nationwide, mobilizing our tens of thousands of supporters and over fifty volunteer chapters. We encourage community empowerment and involvement through our “Blue Communities Project.” We are pushing the Federal government to create a strong and independent Canada Water Agency and a comprehensive National Water Policy. We are opposing Big Water and its attempts to commodify water.

Water is vital to people’s health and livelihoods. Join us in taking action to protect water!

Blue Community Certificate presentation Mother Teresa Secondary School

Mother Teresa Secondary School becomes 100th Blue Community on World Water Day

London, ON – Today, on World Water Day, Mother Teresa Secondary School became the 100th community to be awarded the ...
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Holding government and industry accountable for toxic tailings

Demand a just cleanup of the tar sands and tailings ponds for a just transition

It is imperative that the Alberta government work together with the federal government to find solutions to the tailings ponds ...
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Study and Action Circle Series PART 3 - a Just Transition, Alberta

Study and Action Circle Series PART 3 – a Just Transition, Alberta

The Edmonton chapter of the Council of Canadians is excited to invite you to a three-part Study and Action Circle ...
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No Water To Waste: Boycott Bottled Water

No Water To Waste: Boycott Bottled Water

We have No Water to Waste Recently, a giant American corporation, Blue Triton, was granted permission to extract and bottle ...
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Simcoe Gravel mining

Garbage dumps and gravel pits: Fight to protect Simcoe County water has waged for decades

It’s been more than a decade since Site 41 in Simcoe County in southern Ontario became a flashpoint in the ...
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For nearly 30 years Indigenous communities have been sounding the alarm

Tell the federal government to listen to downstream Indigenous communities and say “no” to tailings dumping 

Email Minister Guilbeault and demand that government listens to the voices of downstream Indigenous communities that are opposed to the ...
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Water is not for sale

Increased climate impacts require action, not privatization

The combined impact of climate-related stress on natural water infrastructure and decades of neoliberal privatization of built water infrastructure has ...
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Webinar: Tailings and a Just Transition

Tailings and a Just Transition

Alberta’s tailings ponds provoked international outcry in 2008 when images were released of ducks struggling to survive in the toxic ...
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