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Harper’s Unfair Elections Act needs to be scrapped

Media Release
February 10, 2014

Two of Canada’s largest organizations are uniting to stop an Unfair Elections Act they say is an attack on democracy. The Canadian Federation of Students and the Council of Canadians are opposing the bill with a mass coast-to-coast call-in today to Conservative Members of Parliament. The day of action included a gathering on Parliament Hill where the Official Opposition received 30,000 petitions challenging the bill, which will be tabled in Parliament.

Elections Act changes long overdue, but will they prevent fraud?

Media Release
February 3, 2014
The Conservative Party of Canada is set to introduce electoral reform legislation known as the Fair Elections Act, but will it actually deliver fair elections?
Canadians were shocked when the last federal election was marred by widespread electoral fraud, not only in Guelph but in ridings across the country. Three years later, only one person is facing charges in the Guelph case and no one has been charged for the widespread fraud. 
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