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Our Team

The Council of Canadians serves its mission with the work of its staff, who bring their talent and capabilities to support members and activists across the country.

Co-executive directors

We are pleased to report that both Christina Warner, Director of Campaigns and Organizing, and Ravi Joshi, Director of Communications, have agreed to continue their current terms as Co-Executive Directors until at least the end of 2022. Note that Christina Warner is currently on leave and Robin Tress, Director of Campaigns, will act as Co-Executive Director.

Robin Tress
Robin Tress, Co-Executive Director (she/her)

Robin Tress lives in Punamu’kwati’jk, Mi’kma’ki, a region currently known as Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. She has previously worked with the Council of Canadians as the Climate and Social Justice campaigner and regional organizing assistant in the Atlantic, where she loved working with chapter members and supporters. In 2021, Robin completed her Master’s in Adult Education, focusing on social movement learning and settler-Indigenous relations, including how settlers like herself learned to be in solidarity with the Mi’kmaq-led resistance to Alton Gas. Robin sees building and deepening relationships and capacity with Indigenous-led movements as critically important to the fight for climate and social justice, and this has been central to both her education and her work. She thinks that social movement tactics can be both fun and impactful, and she’s looking forward to bringing this experience and philosophy to Council over the next year.

Ravi Joshi
Ravi Joshi, Co-Executive Director (he/him)

Ravi Joshi grew up in the East End of Toronto and is a lifelong activist and advocate. He has always been fueled by a desire to bring people into politics, and has done this by developing rich multifaceted campaigns, harnessing modern organizing tools, face-to-face relationships, and compelling and accessible communication appeals. Ravi has taken on roles that allow him to strengthen the causes of poverty-elimination, affordable housing, good jobs, and better public services for all – at every level of government. Before joining the Council, he spent several years focused on making change at the community and municipal level including as an assistant to a Toronto City Councillor and policy advocate for a nonprofit. Ravi thinks the Council of Canadians has the credibility and depth in policy and organizing work to put us in a unique position to push back against corporate power.

Christina Warner, Co-Executive Director
Christina Warner, Co-Executive Director (she/her) *on leave*

Christina Warner has lived in Winnipeg, Ottawa, and Toronto since immigrating to Canada. In 2014, she moved to Winnipeg, where she completed a Master’s in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg – focusing on community organizing in contexts of white supremacy and austerity. She grew up in southern Indiana and spent the years following the economic recession in Washington, D.C. advocating for economic justice, reforming carceral systems, and working alongside diverse religious communities to end anti-Muslim discrimination. Her commitment to community-led political work stems from a core understanding of people as capable, powerful, and interconnected. She knows that as communities tap into these qualities, they can drive just political change across generations. Christina now lives in Toronto, and is eager to continue building strong, effective community organizing with the Council of Canadians.

Our Staff

Meena Agarwal

Administrative Assistant, Data Entry (she/her)

Nikolas Barry-Shaw

Trade and Privatization Campaigner (he/him)

Hélène Bertrand

Development Officer,
Major and Legacy Gifts (she/her)

Mary Best

Mary Best

Atlantic Regional Organizer (she/her)


Sara Birrell

Communications Officer, Research and Analysis (they/them)

Vi Bui

Vi Bui

Ontario, Quebec Nunavut Regional Organizer (she/her)

Mark Calzavara

Mark Calzavara

Water Campaigner (he/him)

Daniella Carpio

Daniella Carpio

Human Resources Officer (she/her)

Dana Chapeskie

Administrative Assistant, Member Services (she/her)

Genevieve Charest

Geneviève Charest

Governance and Administration Officer (she/her)

Roger headshot

Roger Desjardins

Administrative Assistant, Reception (he/him)

Angela Giles

Angela Giles

Director of Organizing (she/her)


Karen Jordon

Development and Member Services Administrative Assistant (she/her)

Charlotte headshot

Charlotte Kiddell

Director of Development and Membership Services (she/her)

Christina Kruszewski

Chris Kruszewski

Climate and Social Justice Campaigner (they/their)

blank person

Wendy Lynn Lerat

Prairies-NWT Regional Organizer (she/her)

Jeannette Muhongayire

Governance and Administration Officer (she/her) *on leave*

Dylan Penner

Dylan Penner

Climate and Social Justice Campaigner (he/him)

Meena Peruvemba

Meena Peruvemba

Director of Finance & Administration (she/her)

Michelle Ratt

Michelle Ratt

Finance Officer (she/her)

David Ravensbergen

David Ravensbergen

Pacific Regional Organizer (he/him)

Carl headshot

Carl Stewart

Development Team (he/him)

eagleclaw thom

Eagleclaw Thom

Communications Officer, Digital Campaigns (he/him)

Pam Woolridge

Digital Officer (she/her)

Donya Ziaee

Communications Officer, Research and Analysis (she/her)*on leave*

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Work with us

We post job opportunities and recruitment status updates as available.